15 Gadgets To Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive

Keeping your plants alive the traditional way is like cooking your dinner over an open fire.  You can do it, but the question is why?  There are swaths of faster and easier ways of going about it.  Need inspiration?  Here’s a few gardening gadgets you’ve probably never heard of:

1. O2 For Your Plants

Plant Gadget 1

The O2 Air Purifier speeds up the photosynthesis process, literally breathing life into the plant.  The results are more carbon for the plant to “eat”, more oxygen for humans to breath and an incredibly healthy plant.

2. Twittering Plants

Plant Gadget 2
In what couldn’t be any creepier, your plant can now reach you any time… on twitter. Pictured above is the Botanicalls DIY Plant Twitter Kit.  Sensors read moisture levels in the plant’s soil, and the transmitter sends you a message when it needs more water.  Or, maybe, just to say hello.

3. Plant Bot

Plant Gadget 3
Simply put, you place your plant on this 4-legged robot.  The robot scatters around the room like a mechanical spider, stopping only when it finds sunlight. The result is your plant gets the maximum amount of sun exposure daily… a very good thing for growing a healthy plant.

4. Soil and Sun Probe

Plant Gadget 4
This takes the guesswork out of buying seeds.  Jab the tool into the ground, and it collects soil and sun data.  Then slide it into your computer’s USB slot and you’ll get recommendations for the perfect type of plant for that particular spot… simple, fast and easy.

5. LED Plant Probe

Plant Gadget 5
While still a concept, the idea has some roots to it.  Young Sang Eunm designed the plant pot to monitor the age of your plant and reveal it via the LED display.  The idea is firmly aimed towards the serious gardener who needs to track such things.

6. Pot that monitors Plant Happiness

Plant Gadget 6
This Pet Plant is a visually supported monitoring system. Think Digimon meets at-home gardening.  Pet Plant plugs into your computer and monitors everything from moisture levels too sun exposure.  Then the “face” clearly shows the kind of mood your plant is in, and what you need to do to make it happier.

7. Growing Indoor Plant Pot

Plant Gadget 7
Growing Up is an indoor plant growing system.  Where normally you would have to switch out pots as your plant grows over time, Growing Up can be adjusted to the size of your plant.  By one pot, get the use of three… the obvious allure is the money you’ll save.

8. Umbrella Stand That Waters Plants

Plant Gadget 8
You come in from the rain, umbrella in hand.  Instead of leaving the umbrella in mud room, drop it on the customized umbrella stand so the water runoff can feed your plants.  Simple idea, sure, but I can see this being especially helpful in areas like London or Seattle.

9. ILoveLamp

Plant Gadget 9
The “ILoveLamp”, a ground breaking tool designed by Mikhail St-Denis, is firmly planting indoor gardening into the present day (puns intended).   The Lamp monitors your plant’s soil, taking note of deficits in moisture and/or nutrients.  When moisture or nutrient levels fall below a healthy level, the unit sends you a message via email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook. This means that plant death from neglect has officially gone the way of VHS tapes and 8-tracks.

10. Aerophonic

Plant Gadget 10
Aerophonic pushes at-home gardening to the limits.  Plant your seeds, and the unit force feeds each with CO2 and nutrients via specialized packets.  The attached grow light has the same affect of the seedlings as steroids on muscle; growth at breakneck speeds. All this indoor hydroponic gardening delivered at the paltry price point of $149.99.

11. Lamp Pot

Plant Gadget 11
The Lightpot keeps your plants under constant light, making them grow fuller, faster. The “shade” holds a LED lighting system that keeps the plant in a state of photosynthesis.  When you personally want darkness (i.e. – at bed time), the poll is collapsible, bringing the indoor gardening light to the plant and away from sight.

12. Networked Sprinkler Systems

Plant Gadget 12
Rain is good… unless you just watered the plants.  Then it kind of sucks.  With the Cyber-Rain XCI, that situation is a thing of the past.  The unit uses your home Internet system to track your area’s weather.  When rain is expected it won’t turn on the sprinklers, lowering your water bill and frustration levels in the process.

13. LED Grow Light

Plant Gadget 13
Here’s an interesting fact: photosynthesis in plants is triggered primarily by the light frequencies we see as blue and red.  That’s what makes this indoor plant Grow Light so powerful.  The unit is programmed to alternate between red and blue light, helping your plant grow as big and as fast as possible.

14. Prepara Herb Hydrophonic System

Plant Gadget 14
This Prepara unit is hydrophonic, helping plants to grow 50% faster than in the wild.  Each unit can accommodate any plant up to 20 inches tall, and the base leaves room for seedlings to sprout up.

15. Solar Power Spikes for Plants

Plant Gadget 15
Pictured above are Solar Power Spikes.  They are essentially garden maintenance tools, used by the newbie gardener unfamiliar with evaluating a given plot of soil.  Simply prod the soil in question with the power spike. The spike sends a reading to your mobile phone, telling you all of the vital details: moisture levels, nutrient levels, sun exposure and temperatures.