Fast Growing Plants

Fast growing plants grown in pots or outdoors in the landscape are very popular with gardeners. The results of their efforts are visible quickly and this make this type of plant very satisfying to grow.

One of the fastest growing plants commonly grown in containers is the philodendron. This foliage vine rapidly grows tendrils of many feet and looks great in a hanging  basket. The common variety has plain green heart-shaped leaves but the variegated variety is especially beautiful. This plant not only grows rapidly, it requires only basic care, regular watering, occasional fertilizing and does best in diffused sunlight or partial shade.

If you love to enjoy fast growing plants outdoors, one of the very best annual choices is the cypress vine. This vine can grow up to 6 inches per day and attracts hummingbirds to its tiny red, pink or white blooms. Each blossom lasts only one day, but with the multitude of blooms, it always has plenty of color. Harvest the seeds for planting again next season or allow it to self-seed because the seeds will readily overwinter, sprouting next spring where they fall.

The sweet potato vine is another fun fast growing plant. Simply start the vine by inserting toothpicks into a sweet potato from the grocer and you’ll soon have a lush, thick vine with large, heart-like leaves. Each leaf has a nice texture and the vine can grow in almost any container or hanging basket.

Selecting the proper container for fast growing indoor plants is important. Because of their rapid development, do not place them in too small a pot or you will find that you need to re-pot often. If you plant outdoors, be sure they are suited to your soil type or amend your soil with compost in order to provide the best soil. Do not over feed these plants but do be sure to follow the suggestions of your garden center or online research to ensure they have sufficient nutrients to thrive.

To learn more about fast growing plants, contact your local garden center or do a bit of online research. Choose plants which require little maintenance and which are well suited to your location. Many of the rapidly developing plants are best suited to specific climates and exposures. Choose those which fit well in your landscape or indoor garden.