How To Use Lawn Maintenance Equipment To Keep Your Lawn Looking Good

A well kept lawn is easy when you have the right lawn maintenance equipment. Choose one or more of the 8 items shown below to improve the look of your lawn.

1. Lawn Mower

This is the most common lawn care equipment item today. There are both manually operated mowers as well as self propelled options. You will find push lawn mowers to be a manual mower that is widely available. Using electric lawn mowers will keep you lawn looking good as well. To keep your effort level at minimum, consider a self propelled mower like a riding lawn mower. Keep a sickle bar mower handy for yards with sloping hills or uneven layout. Your choices will be driven by the workload, so keep that in mind as you consider your mower options.

2. Irrigation Equipment (in-ground, hoses and sprinklers)

It is important to make sure your yard gets the appropriate amount of water for healthy grass development. You can easily keep up with a watering schedule using an automated watering system. Keeping a few lawn sprinklers handy can give your yard the water that it needs without too much trouble. When you are getting ready to mow, you will need to move the sprinklers out of reach of the mower.

3. Trimmer/Blower

Portable trimmers and blowers are a great addition to your lawn care toolset. Trimmers are essential if you have a lot of hedges or shrubbery to maintain in your yard. A gas blower will provide lots of power to collect up clippings and get them bagged.

4. Edger

An edger gives you a great way to keep your sidewalks and curbs looking great. You can choose from gas powered or electric edger models from several manufacturers. Most edgers have an adjustable cutting tool to let you vary the angle of the cut. With regular use, an edger will keep weeds and other unwanted lawn growth under control, thus giving your yard a crisp, well trimmed appearance!

5. Tiller


Having a tiller is a great help for anyone planning extensive yard preparations. It is important to create ways for air and water to get to your plants, and a tiller can help with this. Your planting efforts wil be rewarded with new growth thanks to the soil preparation. You can more easily control weeds by pulling up the roots using the tiller to clear the area. Keep your efforts at a reasonable level for large area preparation by using a gas powered tiller.

6. Rakes/Shovels

A rake is a very useful tool for keeping up with cut grass, leaves or trimmings from your lawn care efforts. You can quickly rake up piles as needed, then bag the piles for disposal as you see fit.

Shovels can handle a large number of lawn care activities. From soil preparation, tree planting or trench digging to enable adequate drainage, a shovel gives you a lot of flexibility to deal with any lawn preparation task.

7. Fertilizer spreader

Fertilizer can be a great aid to keeping your lawn in good shape. If your yard is showing signs of stress, using fertilizer can give it a boost. A nice option is a handheld spreader that uses a wheel to scatter the fertilizer. Drop spreaders are two-wheeled devices that allow a small stream of fertilizer to drop on the lawn as you move across the lawn. Select the model that gives you the flexibility you want in a spreader.

8. Aerator

An aerator can open up pathways to the roots of your grass to help bring water and air down into the soil. Loose soil helps maintain a healthy root structure and keep your lawn safe against pests and disease.

There you have it, a suite of lawn maintenance equipment that will help you keep your lawn in great shape. Move on down to the hardware store and find out what tools they have to help you keep your lawn looking good.